Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or enquiry about SEO Deva? Explore some of those most frequently asked by our community. Still need help? Let us know by starting a live chat or sending us an email.

Where all do you submit my business??

We submit your business to blogs, journalists, directories and other mainstream websites relevant to your business sector/category. All submissions are done manually and handwritten based on the information provided when you sign up. We'll scrape any other info we may require from your website or associated pages.

How much does it cost?

We have four promotional packages, tailored to businesses with budgets of various levels.


$99 Select
  • Keyword Research
  • 3 DA70+ (PR 9+) Backlinks
  • 3 DA50+ Backlinks
  • 100 .EDU Backlinks
  • 200 Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 200 Article Backlinks
  • 600 Social Profile Backlinks
  • 600 Forum Profile Backlinks
  • 400 Wiki Backlinks
  • 600 URL Shortner Backlinks

For Start-Ups

$299 Select
  • Keyword Research
  • 10 DA70+ (PR 9+) Backlinks
  • 10 DA50+ Backlinks
  • 500 .EDU Backlinks
  • 1000 Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 1000 Article Backlinks
  • 3000 Social Profile Backlinks
  • 3000 Forum Profile Backlinks
  • 2000 Wiki Backlinks
  • 3000 URL Shortner Backlinks


$899 Select
  • Keyword Research
  • 100 DA70+ (PR 9+) Backlinks
  • 100 DA50+ Backlinks
  • 3000 .EDU Backlinks
  • 3000 Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 10000 Article Backlinks
  • 10000 Social Profile Backlinks
  • 10000 Forum Profile Backlinks
  • 10000 Wiki Backlinks
  • 10000 URL Shortner Backlinks

Growth ⚡

SEO Deva Growth is a promotional package. Powered by a manually updated and ever-changing list of directories,promotes your business continuously on a monthly basis. Email us today to learn more.

  • Keyword Research
  • 20 DA70+ (PR 9+) Backlinks
  • 20 DA50+ Backlinks
  • 1000 .EDU Backlinks
  • 3000 Do-Follow Backlinks
  • 3000 Article Backlinks
  • 6000 Social Profile Backlinks
  • 6000 Forum Profile Backlinks
  • 4000 Wiki Backlinks
  • 6000 URL Shortner Backlinks
$499 /month - Select

What is the time-line?

Submissions typically take under a week or two to be completed.

How does it work?

We build a curated list of websites, directories and communities for your startup once submitted. Our database will automatically filter these, removing places if they become inactive or perform poorly.

I paid but it has'nt reflected in my SEO Deva Account

The payment may take sometime to reflect in your status page, please wait for sometime before checking again. If the issue exists from a long time let us know by clicking here.

Is SEO Deva suitable for my business?

SEO Deva is suitable for any business/Any type with an online presence, whether that's a website, Application, Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram Page or Linkedin Page. We'll optimise our submissions to compliment your niche and content.

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